Student Community

Penn Charter cultivates and nurtures connections among students across the grades and divisions. From all-school traditions to academic projects, our oldest and youngest learners learn from — and have fun with! — each other.

A beloved tradition, all of Penn Charter gathers for Meeting for Worship toward the end of each school year. Lower School students walk alongside Upper School students into, and out of, worship. Though brief, the walk from the classroom allows for memorable cross-divisional connection.

Fourth Grade meets periodically with their First Grade buddies to read and write stories together. The connection helps strengthen skills, nurtures empathy, and builds community. 

Second and fifth grade students collaborated to design peace kites and flew them together at Belmont Plateau. The weeks-long collaboration built upon the First/Fourth Grade buddies connection forged the previous year. 

The Halloween Parade, a spirited tradition, winds through hallways and around campus. Only Lower School students and Seniors may dress in costume and parade, and our oldest learners parade with the youngest, to the delight and cheers of students, faculty and staff who line the route.