Submitting a Teacher Recommendation (grades 6-12)

Teacher recommendations are an important element of the admissions process because they give us a picture of your child's academic progress, interpersonal skills and personal interests.


We require confidential recommendations from your child's current English and math teachers and offer the optional opportunity to submit a personal recommendation from another adult (who is not a family member) who knows your child well. Note: If your child has the same teacher for both subjects, the teacher may choose to complete one recommendation, or two separate recommendations. The recommendation forms will be available online after after October 15. This gives the teachers time to work with your child during the current school year and provide us with useful feedback.


Please discuss with your child's teachers the need for the recommendation, the timing, and let them know the recommendation can be submitted online or, if necessary, on paper. Please make certain you are aware of admissions deadlines.

Online Recommendations

After you have spoken with teachers to request a recommendation, you may log into your account at (the same portal where you filled out your child’s admissions application). Click on the Managed Recommendations tab. Enter the information requested, and an email will be sent to the teacher with the information they need to submit the recommendation. The recommendation comes directly to Penn Charter. 

Need a paper recommendation?

Download, print and present to your child's English and math teachers with stamped envelopes addressed to: Admissions Office, William Penn Charter School, 3000 West School House Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144. The teachers may also submit scanned copies of the completed recommendations to Download the English and math recommendation forms.

How do I know if the recommendation has been submitted or received?

Log into your application portal at and visit the Status checklist. When the recommendation has been noted in the Admissions Office as received, the status will update automatically.

If the teacher chooses to complete the recommendation online, you can track the status on the Managed Recommendations tab on the list of recommendations you have requested.

  • Pending means the teacher has not yet begun the recommendation.
  • Draft means the recommendation has been started but not submitted.
  • Submitted means the teacher has submitted the completed recommendation.