Student Community

Penn Charter cultivates and nurtures connections between students and teachers, and among students across the grades and divisions. From all-school traditions to academic projects, our oldest and youngest learners learn from — and have fun with! — each other.

To build connections within each grade and to strengthen student-teacher bonds, sixth, seventh and eighth grades each go on multi-day trips at the beginning of the school year. Activities center on team-building, confidence boosting and fun to lay the groundwork for a successful academic year.

students do a rope pull from four directions

As part of the Middle School performing arts curriculum, students can hone their talent on a particular instrument or explore something new. Either way, the shared experiences in band and chorus classes let students shine in different ways, helping build connections among classmates. The Middle School play attracts the performers, writers, artists and technicians within all grades and raises up their passions to others. Students and families pack the seats to support friends in yet another example of how a strong community enhances the classroom experience.

The four 'houses' of Middle School, named after prominent historical Quaker families, draw students together for intramurals, fun, friendly competition across the three grade levels. The annual Middle School Play Day — held in the depths of winter when everyone needs a break — is a visit to an indoor playspace for games and team-building activities within and across the grades. It's a much appreciated day to let loose and refocus for the academic stretch ahead.

Students wait for relay race teammates to return. Student in foreground is in blue tutu and blue tshirt