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Every student can charter their own unique path through this dynamic educational experience built upon a foundational student-teacher relationship.

upper School Curriculum

What would it mean to work at the edge of what you already know? To step out beyond the safe answers and the talents that have always come naturally? To pursue ideas with real depth?

Our vigorous college preparatory program is rooted in the breadth of the arts and sciences as well as new fields of inquiry and skills such as environmental issues, global awareness, commitment to community and technology.

After much study, Penn Charter has decided to move beyond the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) program in favor of our own rigorous advanced courses that provide for innovative teaching and deeper exploration of content areas. 

See how we are moving beyond AP


Click the image above to read about how our Upper School Computer Science curriculum is working to create a more inclusive field.

Fast Facts


Students in Upper School, ninth through twelfth grade. 


William Penn founded his school in 1689 to educate citizens for the new world.


Average class size in Upper School.


1:1 laptop program in grades 9-12, supported by a full-time US technology coordinator. 

More Upper School Fast Facts

  • US Student:Teacher Ratio: 7:1
  • 29% identify as students of color
  • 37% students receive need-based financial aid
  • Geographic diversity: US students hail from 108 ZIP codes across 9 counties and 56% are Philadelphia residents.
  • Transportation: There are many ways to arrive at Penn Charter, including school bus, private bus or shuttle, public bus, train, and car. 

Life at Penn Charter

Quaker Values

Quaker Education

Quaker values are at the heart of everything we do and expect of our students, including what is taught, how it is taught, students' behavior and their relationships with each another.


Parent Community

Penn Charter's Parent Community works to support our school and help make the overall experience engaging, enriching and meaningful for the entire family.

History and Tradition

Historical Overview

Founded in 1689 by William Penn and members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Penn Charter is the oldest continuously operating Friends school in the world.

Service in the Center for Public Purpose

The Center for Public Purpose (CfPP) engages Penn Charter students in community-based work addressing some of the most pressing social issues in metropolitan Philadelphia.

Building Community

Building community among our students, between teachers and students, and between parents and teachers is a hallmark of Penn Charter.

Color Day

Established in 1892, Color Day is an annual gathering of the PC community for a friendly festival competition between two teams, Blue and Yellow, representing Penn Charter’s school colors.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Upper School senior students taking a group photo together.

Penn Charter seeks to build a community representing diversity in race, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, gender, sexual orientation — as well as learning style, opinion and hometown.

Student Community

From all-school traditions to academic projects, our oldest and youngest learners learn from — and have fun with! — each other.


PC/GA Day is an annual competition between Penn Charter and Germantown Academy in 10 varsity sports. The gridiron competition is the oldest continuous high school football rivalry in the United States.

PC Publications

a screenshot of 5 covers of publications by Penn Charter.

Parent Newsletter

Stories & Voices from Our Community


PC Ambassadors Student Blog

Lower School curriculum

A program of cognitive and character development rooted in a rich knowledge of how young children learn best.

Middle School curriculum

We place students in developmentally appropriate yet challenging situations where being uncomfortable is expected and celebrated as an opportunity for growth.