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One of the best parts of student life at Penn Charter is the diversity of clubs and organizations that are available to students. See what some of our PC Ambassadors have to say as they share a few of their favorite extracurricular activities with you. 


Camille W. ‘21

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Ethics Bowl

“One of my favorite extracurricular activities at PC is Ethics Bowl. Ethics Bowl is a group of between 10-15 students who meet from September-February, when we have our final competition. Traditionally we meet 2-3 times a week after school for about an hour and every day we discuss different ethical cases that we receive at the beginning of the year. The different cases come from a case-set that is sent out nationally to every school that has an Ethics Bowl. Each case talks about specific issues surrounding topics that vary from race, the environment, school, government, and almost any topic you can think of. Each case also comes with a set of questions that we converse about as a group and try to come up with well-thought-out answers for each. At the competition in February, we converse with other schools about these cases and go back and forth with in-depth conversations to challenge each other and discuss the ethics surrounding each case. In the end, there is a winner, but the best part is hearing what the other team has to say and pushing each other to discuss sometimes controversial, yet incredibly important topics. My experience in Ethics Bowl has taught me how to keep an open mind and respect the thoughts of my peers. It has allowed me to meet different students from every grade in the Upper School and develop connections with these people. Ethics Bowl has pushed me to voice my opinion and not be scared to discuss a controversial topic.” 

Grace A. ‘24

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: All-School Musical

“Participating in all-school musicals has been one of the best parts of my Penn Charter experience. I was in Beauty and the Beast when I was in fourth grade and it was one of my first all-school experiences in which I felt like I was a part of the community. I have been a part of several other shows after that one, but Beauty and the Beast is one that stands out to me for many reasons. Since it was a wide group of students from 4th grade all the way through 12th grade, I was able to get to know students with whom I had never gotten the chance to interact. The environment was and continues to be very supportive in the arts at Penn Charter and that was something I really benefited from at that young age. Just being in the cast and a part of that community beginning in Lower School was amazing for me. Rehearsals were a blast whether we were running around backstage to make it to our places on time, or working through difficult dance moves, we all formed strong bonds during this experience. For me, the best parts were the times where we supported each other if someone happened to forget a line of a song and cheered our cast-mates on during performances when they would show off their true talent. Everything from the cast photos, rehearsals, fittings for costumes, and even joking around while getting our hair and makeup done before each show, continues to make my time in the performing arts an unforgettable highlight of my Penn Charter experience.” 

Evie E. ‘21

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Mock Trial 

“Mock Trial has been a highlight of my time at Penn Charter. I started Mock Trial in tenth grade. At the time, I had no idea what to expect. I was immediately surprised by the supportive students and teachers that helped me into the Mock Trial universe. Mock Trial has a nationwide “case” that goes out in a booklet. In this booklet, everything that a lawyer would be given about a case is included: affidavits, stipulations, etc. The case can be anything from civil to criminal charges, and so it is always very exciting to read the case when it is first available. As a team, you are then broken up into attorneys and witnesses for the prosecution and defense. You will then spend the Mock Trial season developing your argument and script for your team, and eventually compete against other schools. Practice for Mock Trial took place after school and sports practices, so Mrs. Hilton, who runs Mock Trial, helped to keep those late nights fun. I fondly remember that she would bring us snacks like clementines, popcorn, and smarties, which became favorites and something to look forward to during practice. We would have fun drills about memory or even seeing who could talk about a random topic for the longest without saying “um” or any other filler words. By the end of every season, Mock Trial became a family and a supportive community within the school. I loved every minute of it, and that is why Mock Trial continues to be my favorite extracurricular activity at Penn Charter.” 

Hannah B. ‘22

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Women in Business Club

“When starting Upper School, I always wanted to start my own club. I remember the day when I finally came up with the idea. The inspiration for putting this group together came from the admiration that I have for my mom, who became a successful business woman in a male-dominated industry without a college degree. As I intend to head down the business path, it made me think. There are probably so many other girls in the PC community who want to go down the same path, but there is one barrier that we all fear: being underestimated. Business is a very male-dominated field and I wanted to make a group where students could come together and support each other in their goals and show that nothing can stop us. Maya '22 and I have worked together and the club has taken off in a way that I could have only hoped for! We have already had a couple of guest speakers including our very own Marghi Adzick Walters, CEO of Addison Bay. Marghi has been so successful in the last couple of years from working at Lilly Pulitzer to creating her fast-growing brand. It is so incredible to have the chance to hear her story and those of other successful business women. Learning from them not only shows how strong they are, but empowers us to make a difference and highlights that the barriers they faced on their amazing journey made them who they are today. I am so thankful that the Upper School community at Penn Charter supported me in my effort to create this group on campus and I cannot wait to see how it continues to grow!”

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