My Top Five Favorite Spots on Campus

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Davina K. '23

Throughout our 47-acre campus, there are many spaces and places where students may find themselves throughout the day. From playing fields, art studios and classrooms, to the stage, rock wall or learning gardens, so many have become notable favorites that it is often hard to choose just one. Davina K. '23 shares with you the top five that have made her list!

Chigwell Close: Chigwell is definitely the top spot on my list of places. In this beautiful garden and outdoor learning space, it is easy to spot different birds and find a variety of plants. As a place designed for both academics and leisure, you will find Lower School student participating in their latest science experiment, Middle Schoolers participating in an angle measurement math project, or an Upper School English class reading together outside. In the warm months, I love to just relax, sit on the bench, and listen to the sound of birds chirping, leaves rustling, and the water in the stream flowing. It is also where my friends and I love to eat lunch and hang out during free blocks. Chigwell is definitely a space utilized by all three divisions that adds so much to our school experience!


Track: I love the track at Penn Charter since it can be used as a multipurpose space for all students, faculty, and staff. The PC community uses our track for all kinds of activities ranging from taking a leisurely walk in the sunshine, reading a book on the turf, hanging out with friends, or playing spike ball. It is also a great way to get some physical exercise during flex blocks and lunch. As a member of the Track team, I am out here every day for workouts, practices, and meets during the Spring months. I cannot wait for the season to start this year!   


Scene Shop: The scene shop is responsible for the amazing sets you may see during Penn Charter’s plays and musicals. Located within the Kurtz Center for the Performing Arts, the Stage Crew works to provide the best set possible for the cast. As someone who spends a lot of time here, it is a place that I have grown to love. Half of my school year is spent in this creative space after school and on weekends during shows. Stage Crew has become my favorite creative outlet because I love being able to contribute to our play and musical productions every year. Currently, we are working on the set for the Upper School fall play, The Alibis. I am excited for everyone to see this great production, as well as all of the hard work that the cast and crew have put into making it possible!!


Gummere Library: The library plays a pivotal role in the PC school experience and has been rated the #1 place on campus to get work done. The librarians are incredibly helpful regardless of whether you are in need of sources for a research paper or are searching for a book recommendation for leisure reading. They also provide additional writing support and serve as a wonderful support system throughout the research and writing process for papers. Anyone looking for me on campus can usually find me here studying during free blocks or after school. The welcoming atmosphere, helpful librarians, and supportive friends that I have found in the library make completing my work all the more enjoyable.


Graham Athletics & Wellness Center: While it has only been open for a short time, the newest addition to our campus has already created a lively atmosphere for our athletic and wellness experience. This new space is utilized for all sports teams for lifting, practices, team meetings, and reviewing film footage of games. With this new state-of-the-art facility, students have access to athletic trainers and a fully-equipped training room for injury and recovery. Students find themselves in the Graham for all types of PE and health classes, such as physical fitness, yoga and meditation, and personal wellness, This space is also a nice rest spot after a long practice or game. We cannot wait for the finishing touches to be added to the new rock climbing wall and juice bar, which I know will further add to the energy and excitement that I already experience in this facility on a daily basis. 

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