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Nyah G. '28

When I first graduated from PC Lower School, I was so excited to move into Middle School. I looked forward to having more freedom, more responsibilities, and the ability to make new friends and new connections. However, I was also a little nervous. I knew that I would be immediately faced with needing to use my time management skills, organizing my homework and learning how to get to my different classes. Thankfully, at PC I have amazing teachers who are so patient and so kind in guiding me and my classmates. Now that I am at the end of the year, I can officially say that it did get better. It just took a little time to adjust. Looking back, I can see how much I loved sixth grade at Penn Charter.

I looked forward to having more freedom, more responsibilities, and the ability to make new friends and new connections. However, I was also a little nervous.

Over this year, I have had amazing experiences such as getting a locker for the first time, taking interesting classes, learning new languages, participating in band and chorus, joining sports and clubs and working on fun projects. I remember being so excited to get my locker on the first day of school, so that I could put all my books for my classes in there. All of these new experiences made me feel that I belonged. 

One of my favorite parts about sixth grade is that I have been able to learn a variety of subjects. For example, in science we have covered topics like the phases of the moon, examining how rocks are formed and basic biology terms.

In English this year, I have annotated and read multiple books that include: Fever 1793, The Outsiders, The Giver, and Red Scarf Girl. In Math we have studied algebraic expressions and have learned how to find the area of shapes. In Social Studies we have studied important figures such as Gandhi, world religions and archaeology. These are only small examples of all that we studied this year. Studying these topics with my teachers and friends made coming to school fun! 

Another one of my favorite parts about sixth grade is that students get to take all four of the Foreign Languages that we offer: Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French and Latin. In Chinese class, I learned how to write the characters, as well as the history and stories about China. In Spanish, I learned that there are many Spanish words that are similar to English, as well as how important it is to understand Spanish culture. In French, I learned the basics of the language and the history of France. In Latin, I learned about Roman history and how to translate sentences. I am excited to continue building on all the skills that I have learned in these classes.

I also enjoyed the fact that we had the chance to take lots of classes in the arts. In sixth grade, all students learn how to play an instrument. I play percussion. In percussion, I have learned a lot about the drums that I play, as well as the proper techniques to use. Students also take chorus in sixth grade, where we learned how to better sight-read music. In addition to these classes, I also had the chance to try new sports and clubs this year. In Middle School, students are required to do one sport and one additional activity. I actually participate in more than one sport at Penn Charter. I play squash in the winter and softball in the spring. I am also a member of the Junior Model UN team (JMUN). In JMUN, I studied Jamaica with my friend, learned about food insecurity, and improved my debating skills. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to explore this year and experience so many new things.

Overall, I have had an amazing experience in Penn Charter’s Middle School. It is so hard to pick my favorite moments, but some of them include my classes, the dance, advisory lessons, having fun with my friends and meeting new people. Middle School has taught me so much about myself, such as how to speak in front of people and how not to be afraid when trying new things. Even though there was an initial transition, PC teachers and friends encouraged and helped me to feel comfortable. My sixth grade year has been so memorable. I am now looking forward to the rest of Middle School!

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