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The diverse offerings in the academic curriculum at Penn Charter are at the heart of the student experience. See what some of our PC Ambassadors have to say as they share a few of their favorite Upper School classes with you. 


Merrill G. ‘23

Favorite Class: Evolution of the Global World

"So far, my favorite class in the Penn Charter Upper School is “Evolution of the Global World” with Dr. Murray. It is the 10th grade required social studies course, and my current social studies class. It is essentially a timeline of the creation of the modern, global world, with a focus on cross-cultural connections, and communications. As I have learned several times already during this class, the history I thought that I already knew is only one side of a much, much bigger picture. My teacher really focuses on getting rid of the Euro-centric lens that is often placed on history books, and relearning events through a diversity of perspectives from across the globe. I love coming to this class, because I know that I am about to have my worldview widened, and my mind expanded. I’ve never had a class that challenges my understanding of what history is the way that this class does. There are so many incredibly powerful, influential peoples and nations that I have learned about this year who I knew nothing about previously, like the Mughal Empire and the Qing Dynasty. Dr. Murray is also a great teacher — she makes every lesson interesting, and gives us lots of opportunities to voice our own opinions and thoughts." 

Gabi D. ‘21

Favorite Class: AP Literature 

"Out of all the amazing classes I have taken at PC, AP Literature with Mrs. Moses during my Junior year was, without a doubt, one that has to come in first place. English has always been the topic I’ve done best in, but coming to PC as a freshman was a difficult transition because my middle school's English program was different to the one here. However, over the years, I have been able to adjust and come to enjoy the subject more than ever before with the help of my teachers and peers. AP Lit was unlike any English class I had ever taken before. Though it was challenging at first, the guidance of Mrs. Moses and the discussions we had in class really helped shape my skills in analysis and confidence in my writing. Not only did the class help me grow in endless ways, but it allowed me to get closer to some of my classmates that I did not know as well beforehand. Throughout the year, the class grew closer, and more comfortable with each other, which really shined through in our literary discussions and ability to be vulnerable within the class. Our classes were hysterical and fulfilling, yet we always remained on top of our work and in tune with the curriculum. Though a majority of my class from last year are also in my current Advanced English class this year, there are days when I really miss sitting in Mrs. Moses’ English class and laughing with my AP Lit family."

Mali J. ‘23

Favorite Class: 10th Grade Chemistry  

“My science career was slightly difficult at Penn Charter, although the science teachers always offered help during, before or after my class, it was still sometimes hard for me to grasp certain topics. I believe that was because of the fact that my old public school did not offer science at all. But, my teachers were always there helping me, emailing me to remind me that they are always free for a meeting, which is something so helpful about Penn Charter’s community, because no matter what, they are always there to help. In Mr. Lindauer’s chemistry class, I always understood what was going on in class, and overall, I enjoyed learning about chemistry, and the different elements. Mr. Lindauer was very passionate about chemistry, which made it easier for me to engage and understand what we were learning. He always made sure that on our long class on Friday, we would have a lab to do, which could vary from simulations on the computer to the light spectrum to observing the spectrum using different types of fire. To elaborate, we had to do PHet Simulations, where they would always be focused on whatever we were learning in class at the moment, so once we had one on the half-lives and the decay. We also had a class where we turned off the lights, and Mr. Lindauer added certain elements to fire and they would gradually change their colors to blue, purple, green, etc. The students in class were fun to be around, it was truly a judgment-free zone. I have always wanted to become an engineer, which has a lot of chemistry components. I was worried that I would not be interested in chemistry and would have to rethink my career choice, but Mr. Lindauer’s chemistry class reinforced my interest in engineering and made me even more passionate about becoming an engineer. I would recommend this class to anyone!"


Gabbi P. '22

Favorite Class: AA Precalculus 

"My favorite academic class at PC has been AA PreCalc last year with Ms. Flemming. While this is known for being one of the hardest classes at Penn Charter, I really enjoyed it. First of all, Ms. Flemming is a great teacher and I think she does a great job of explaining concepts in a clear and concise manner. In addition, she has a signature project called My Life as a Sine Curve. Essentially, the task is to graph the ups and downs of your life using several mathematical equations. In addition to the math aspect, you create a poster with your graph and pictures of you throughout different moments in your life, which then gets hung in the Penn Charter hallways. Truly, AA PreCalc was my favorite class last year and I hope that more students have the pleasure of taking it." 

Alexis M. '22

Favorite Class: 10th Grade English

"Being mainly a math and science student, it was hard for me to come into my own in an English class, or at least until my English X class with Ms. Landon. English X is when Penn Charter students learn how to further elaborate their claims and standpoint on the current text they’re reading, otherwise known as analysis. From being a new student in 9th grade, I got a good understanding of the PC english curriculum, specifically the formation of an essay, but still struggled with certain aspects; one of these aspects being my analysis. During this English class, we learned the acronym of SQUIDS, Select a Quote you Understand, Identify and Discuss its Significance, which helped me better recognize what a ‘good’ analysis looks like. As I previously mentioned, I’m more of a math and science student, which means that I understand things when they are more concrete rather than in an english class where you infer and create your own ideas. This being said, SQUIDS provided a more concrete way of writing my analysis, which has improved my overall papers. In the 10th grade curriculum, we reiterated this idea through all of our varied essays as well as our poem unit, which I equally enjoyed because it added something different than our day-to-day class. Without Ms. Landon’s assignments and reiteration of this idea, I believe that my essay writing would not be as up to par as it is now."

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