Strength & Conditioning

Success in competition requires power, stamina and skill, but also resilience, grit and determination.These are built through strength and conditioning.

Our mission is to engage, educate and empower our student-athletes to develop skills that will translate to improved athletic performance and build a strong foundation for a lifetime of wellness.

Teams meet in The Blaine Center for pre-season and some practices during the season. Many student-athletes choose to work out throughout the year, and in the summer, with supervision by our strength and conditioning coaches, who are certified national trainers.

Athletes and coaches working out in Penn Charter Blaine Center

Visit The Blaine Center calendar for hours of operation and schedule of team visits.

Contact Head Strength and Conditioning Coach John Estok with questions.

Technology, Science and Athletics: The Connection to Movement

Project by John Estok, Alec Tressler, Eve Schwartz and Tim Clarke.

Project Description

1) Engaging students in the classroom is an important part of keeping them connected to learning. Using technology and connecting topics that they enjoy away from the classroom and help spark interest into curriculum that they may not previously have connected with. With the use of technology, we can re-envision future science curriculum to expand upon traditional principles, while engaging the students with topics that make learning fun and practical.

2) Athletic monitoring has become more popular in recent years, tracking movement patterns, movement quality, and total workload of athletes while practicing or playing games. With our students engaging in a rigorous college preparatory academic schedule, along with a number of different avenues in the arts and athletics, the physiological and physical stress can affect the students in detrimental ways. Catapult is an athlete monitoring system that tracks a multitude of metrics that paint the picture of the workload on the student’s body. Tracking these metrics can help to build more time and energy efficient practice plans to utilize our student’s time more efficiently.

Project results


In 2019, Penn Charter was awarded a Strength of America Award from the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

The award is given to schools that have "demonstrated excellence to teach, implement, and encourage safe and effective strength and conditioning programs."