Student Athletes Play in College

Each year, approximately 20 percent of Penn Charter's graduating class is recruited for sports.

Graduates continue their athletic careers at NCAA Division I, II and III colleges and universities from a diverse range of conferences: Ivy and Patriot League, Centennial and NESCAC Conferences, ACC, Big10, PAC12, and others. 

To assist student-athletes and their parents in this often complicated and nuanced process, the College Counseling Office, in cooperation with the Athletic Department, hosts an athletic recruiting workshop every other fall for all Upper School families who hope to continue with their sport in college.

Below is a six-year list, by sport, of those student-athletes who continued to compete in college.

Basketball (Boys and Girls)

Mason Williams 2018 Fordham University
Mireyah Davis 2017 New York University
Alexis Hnatkowsky 2017 Ursinus College
Hannah Fox 2016 Amherst College
Nicolette Napoleon 2015 Penn State Brandywine
Demetrius Isaac 2014 Chestnut Hill College
Sean O'Brien 2014 Colgate University


Field Hockey

Catherine McInerney 2018 University of Pennsylvania
Janelle Sullivan 2017 Wellesley College
Sophie Eldridge 2015 Northwestern University
Kennedy Kline 2015 Oberlin College
Anna Wills 2013 Bucknell University



Casey Nicastro

2018 Villanova University

John Washington

2018 Muhlenberg College
Trajan Womack 2018 Ursinus College
Denarii Beard 2017 SUNY Cortland
Michael Hnatkowsky 2017 Muhlenberg
Jacob McCain 2016 Ursinus College
Patrick McCain 2015 Dickinson College
Frank McGlinchey 2015 Franklin & Marshall College
Patrick McInerney 2015 University of Pennsylvania
James Biggs-Frazier 2014 Fordham University
Anthony Campanile 2014 Johns Hopkins University
Micah Holloway 2014 Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Corey Kelley 2014 West Chester University
Fortunato Perri 2014 Franklin & Marshall College
Michael McGlinchey 2013 University of Notre Dame
Eric Neefe 2013 Temple University
Mark Opaliski 2013 Franklin & Marshall College
Daryl Worley 2013 West Virginia University



Brian Isztwan 2018 Harvard University
Noah Schwartz 2018 Cornell University
James Bradbeer 2015 Lafayette College
Erin Lo 2013 University of Pennsylvania


Soccer (Boys and Girls)

Griffin Barnes 2018 Widener University
Giovanna DeMarco 2018 Wake Forest University
Lindsey Reina 2018 Emory University
Connor Sullivan 2018 West Chester University
Max Jacobs 2017 Tufts  University
Jay Jennings 2017 La Salle University
Conrad Williams 2017 University of Rhode Island
Dominique DeMarco 2016 Colgate University
Jlon Flippens 2016 University of Maryland
Julianna Casasanto 2014 Chestnut Hill College
Lauren Dimes 2014 Saint Joseph's University
Bradford Jones 2014 Tyler Junior College
Stephanie Soroka 2014 Drexel University
Matthew Sullivan 2014 Temple University
Samuel Agre 2013 American University
Emma Ebert 2013 Ursinus College
Edward Foley 2013 Saint Joseph's University


Squash (Boys and Girls)

Gwenyth Davis 2018 Middlebury College
Marco Rodriguez 2018 Tufts University
Jennifer Bown 2016 Amherst College
Aloysius Crofton 2016 United States Naval Academy
Tate Miller 2016 Haverford College
Owen Davis 2015 United States Naval Academy
Isabel Hirshberg 2015 Princeton University
Aidan Porges 2015 Tufts University
Matthew Frantz 2014 Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Margaux Losty 2014 Cornell University
Randall Beck 2013 United States Naval Academy
Augustine Crofton 2013 Drexel University
Rachael Garnick 2013 Haverford College
Scott Marcus 2013 Hobart & William Smith Colleges


Swimming (Boys and Girls)

Madison Freeland 2018 Howard University
Reece Whitley 2018 University of California, Berkeley
Hannah Griffith 2017 Dickinson College
Evan McFadden 2017 Ohio State University
John Mahoney 2016 Cornell University
Jerald Wood 2015 Tufts University
Michael Lordi 2013 Tufts University
Jamal Willis 2013 Lehigh University
Meredith Wurtz 2013 Marist College


Penn Charter Softball Player at Bat


Luke Mattice 2018 McDaniel College
Will Samuel 2018 Franklin & Marshall College
Michael Siani 2018 MLB, Cincinnati Reds
Brendan Cellucci 2017 Tulane University
Alexander Cohen 2017 Dickinson College
James Gabor 2017 Georgetown University
Matthew Gorman 2017 Harford Community College
Adam Holland 2017 Rutgers University
Joseph Lancellotti 2017 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Stephen Lorenz 2017 Susquehanna University
Brendan Pell 2017 Dickinson College
Justus Sanders 2017 Lackawanna College
Dominic Toso 2017 Bucknell University
Kenneth Bergmann 2016 University of Connecticut
Frank Driscoll 2016 Colby College
Colin Mattice 2016 Roanoke College
Peter Kashatus 2015 Earlham College
Harrison Timberlake 2016 Georgia Southwestern State University 
Dillon Malandro 2015 University of Connecticut
Gabriel Smith 2015 La Salle University
Zachary Weilgus 2015 University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Steven Cohen 2014 Lafayette College
Jordan Della Valle 2014 University of Pennsylvania
Demetrius Isaac 2014 Chestnut Hill College
Zachary Kurtz 2014 University of Richmond
Thomas Pagan 2013 University of Pittsburgh

Crew (Boys and Girls)

Emma Grugan 2017 College of the Holy Cross
Kelsey White 2017 Boston College
Jean Gleason 2016 Drexel University
Sally Stanley 2016 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ethan Ashley 2015 Colby College
Emily Barkann 2015 Syracuse University
Ethan Grugan 2015 Washington College
Celina McCall 2014 Fordham University
Maria Georgiou 2013 University of Pennsylvania
Kevin Kelly 2013 University of Pennsylvania
Heidi Zisselman 2013 United States Naval Academy

Lacrosse (Boys and Girls)

Ryan Dickson 2018 Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Alexis Joseph 2018 Duke University
Blake Target 2018 Franklin & Marshall College
Courtney Cubbin 2017 Haverford College
Alex Malitas 2017 Marquette University
Macaul Mellor 2017 University of Colorado
Luke Stansfield 2017 Drexel University
Shane Weitz 2017 Misericordia University
Hannah Fox 2016 Amherst College
Drew Gallant 2016 University of Massachusetts
Sean McKee 2016 Fairfield University
Cody Sweeney 2016 York College of Pennsylvania
Robert Keehfuss 2015 United States Naval Academy
Avery Shoemaker 2015 University of Virginia
David Smith 2015 Marywood University
Christian Teuber 2015 Georgetown University
Julia Fleming 2014 Haverford College
Pierce Kraft 2014 Kenyon College
Andrew Murray 2014 Fairfield University
Dean Roseman 2014 University of Richmond
Eric Berger 2013 Monmouth University
Charles Giunta 2013 Saint Joseph's University
Kelly Kubach 2013 University of Michigan
Kevin Murphy 2013 Monmouth University
Raymond Vandegrift 2013

Saint Joseph's University


Grace Stansfield 2018 Rider University
Brigitte Gutpelet 2017 Dickinson College
Kayla Quinn 2015 Ursinus

Tennis (Boys and Girls)

Schuyler La Barge 2017 Bucknell University
DreShaun Jamon 2014 North Carolina A&T University

Track & Field (Boys and Girls)

Christopher Tucker 2017 Syracuse University
Dylan Burnett 2017 La Salle University
Mckenna Krall 2016 Haverford College
Emily Smith 2016 Elon University
Ben Szuhaj 2015 Dartmouth College
Charles Hoyt 2014 Lafayette College
Scott Mason 2014 Connecticut College
Alfred Williams 2014 Wagner College
Etienne Dumas 2013 Ithaca College
Cathryn Skinner 2013 Middlebury College

Water Polo (Boys and Girls)

Jake Brogan 2016 Fordham University
Robert McGoldrick 2014 Princeton University
David Huber 2013 United States Naval Academy
Carly Zurcher 2013 Occidental College