Masks are one of our strongest mitigation measures to prevent the transmission of all upper respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19.  

The decision for students and employees to wear or not wear a mask indoors is an optional personal choice. PC recommends that each family and individual make that decision carefully and thoughtfully, assessing their personal risks and risk tolerances. This shift in protocols is prompted by changing conditions with respect to COVID-19, including vaccines for students and adults to prevent severe disease and hospitalization, and the COVID-19 virus of today is different from the one three years ago.

Individuals will be “required” to mask for five days upon return to campus after completing their five days of home isolation for a positive COVID-19 case.  Masking will also be required during an outbreak of cases in a defined group.

All individuals with non-COVID-19 upper respiratory symptoms, whether the onset of new symptoms or recovering from non-COVID symptoms, should wear a face mask until the resolution of the illness.


Masks must meet the following criteria:

  • NO cloth masks except if used as a layer over a surgical mask

  • Surgical masks

  • KN95 or KF94

  • Covers the nose and mouth and extends under the chin

Gaiters, single cloth masks and valve masks are not permitted.