We have not been able to come together on campus since mid-March, and we are all longing for community reconnection. Physical safety is an absolute priority, but we also understand the attention and care that will need to be given to the social and emotional aspects of this reconnection with one another.

  • The three counselors will continue to be available to students and families for assistance, support and direction to other resources. Please feel free to contact them via email at any time. LS: Lisa Reedich; MS: Katie Martin: US: Elizabeth Hitschler.

  • Faculty and staff will continue to work closely with the divisional counselors in continuously assessing the health and well-being of our students, be it in the classroom, in advisory or in co-curricular activities.

  • Registration and orientation activities have been informed and enhanced to create safe and age-appropriate opportunities for adjustment to new routines and reconnection with peers and faculty and staff.

The professional development work faculty and staff engaged in this summer on distance learning, race and anti-racism, and gender, sexuality and consent is unprecedented. The coming school year could tax faculty and staff in ways that are equally unprecedented. We understand this, and we will work with faculty to create and add to the opportunities we provide for self-care, reflection and connection.    

More detail in Section B / 11 of the Health and Safety Plan.