One key strategy to maintain a healthy environment is to increase the circulation of air and increase the flow of outside air. To create improved ventilation and promote safety, Penn Charter consulted with an HVAC engineering firm for guidance on our protocols. 

Increasing ventilation is an additional safety step and not a replacement for wearing face masks, keeping a safe distance from each other, reducing crowd sizes, handwashing, or other safety precautions.

The school completed Covid-19-specific maintenance of current heating and cooling systems. Those units will receive frequent maintenance throughout the school year.

Strategies for improved ventilation include opening doors and windows and implementing fans per CDC recommendations to properly move air to promote air exchange turnover in spaces as applicable.

In administration suites and rooms that do not have direct access to outside air, the HVAC units have been outfitted with bipolar ionization units and upgraded filters. The filters will be changed frequently. 

In school spaces that do not have A/C, fans will be set up to pull air into the space and push air out to create circulation and air turnover. Free-standing medical-grade HEPA air purifiers will be used in spaces to provide additional air scrubbing in specific spaces.  

More detail is in the Health and Safety Plan.