Congrats to New AHS Inductees

PC/GA Weekend kicked off with a celebratory evening at the 14th Annual Athletic Honor Society Induction Banquet, newly named after Raymond R. Dooney Hon. 1689, on Nov. 10 at Vie in Philadelphia.

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Six individuals, one coach and four teams were recognized for the contributions they made to PC athletics during their time as student athletes.

Thank you to all of the OPCs, faculty, staff, coaches and friends who attended the event and congratulations our Class of 2023 Inductees! 

James Davis OPC '59 
Ed Yaeger OPC '93 
Larry Storm OPC '96 
Tyrone Tolbert OPC '96
Lauren Cash OPC '03
Bridget McDugall OPC '07
Donald (Doc) Mittica, coach

1980 Boys Tennis
1998 Girls Cross Country
2007 Boys Water Polo
2013 Girls Soccer