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Aim for the Stars

Aim for the Stars

Jacob A. Shipon communicated clearly to his three children and eight grandchildren a prescription to unlock their potential. It was simple, with three memorable components, and its impact on their lives profound. 

“Dad always taught us to have fun, to pursue our dreams, and to aim for the stars,” his son Marc OPC ’84 related. “Each one of us and each of the grandkids knew he wanted us to do those three things. 

“If we fall short, we fall short, but at least we gave it our all.” 

portrait of Dr. Joseph Shipon, wearing a dark suit and bowtie.


Jacob Shipon, a family physician who practiced for decades in Jenkintown, was also an entrepreneur, inventor — he was thrilled to be granted his first patent in 2016 — and author: He offered a practical guide for creating “a world of infinite emotional and physical well-being” in his 2002 book, A Life of Optimal Well-Being

Jacob Shipon passed away in 2019 at the age of 81. In his memory and on his behalf, his wife, Judith, daughter Elisa, and two OPC sons — David OPC ’88 and Marc OPC ’84 — have made a family gift in support of the new Graham Athletics & Wellness Center. The other generation of OPCs (Bryan ’15, Alexander ’18 and Sara ’20) and current PC member of the family (Danielle, Class of ’23) are excited that the family will name the new training suite in his honor, and they hope that the experiences students have in the new facility will connect with their patriarch’s thoughts about well-being. 

“My father believed there was a thought process that could help maximize human performance,” David explained. “He taught us to find something we loved to do, challenge ourselves to be the best we could be, and ultimately try to positively impact society. 

“It would be our greatest joy if this gift helps PC cultivate each student’s special interests and passions in an effort to maximize their human performance and contribution to society.” 

“We are excited for the new athletic training suite to enhance the care we provide for PC athletes. With the increase in space, we will be able to care for more students and return them to their sport safely. Our upgraded facility will give student-athletes access to top-of-the-line sports medicine equipment on par with many professional athletes. We thank the Shipon Family for their generous donation!” 

-PC Athletic Trainers Jessica Rawlings and Jeremy Eith

Students tour the Shipon Training Suite in early September, 2021.

Dr. Jacob A. Shipon and Family Athletic Training Suite

In 1,900 square feet, the new suite will offer: 

• Hydrotherapy Room with hot and cold tubs 

• Private Consultation Room for appointments with medical staff and team doctors 

• 10 new tables (3 taping tables and 6 treatment tables)

• Direct access from the Upper School locker rooms and to the playing fields 

• Keiser Hydraulic Machine for strengthening programs 

• More Normatec recovery compression units and GameReady ice compression units 

• Updated therapeutic modalities to increase care for acute and chronic injuries 

• Open floor plan designed to be more inviting to all student-athletes