Making Space for More Outdoor Learning

Expanding spaces for outdoor learning is a key piece of Penn Charter's campus master plan.

Architects rendering of meadowed courtyard with students at center, surrounded by glass building

As part of the campus transformation, we have an environmental plan unfolding today to preserve our grounds for tomorrow. We are at once actively stewarding the natural beauty of our campus and ensuring that we use all corners of our campus as practically and productively as possible.

In open-air lessons students expand their minds and their lungs in a new landscape inspired by the Wissahickon Gorge, and for many, attend class within the forest and stream ecosystems in the Wissahickon. 

Now — and in the future — students learn the value of conservation by example.

With every investment we make in the ecology of our own campus, we are teaching students to be better caretakers of this small corner of the world they and their peers will one day inherit in full. Our work grounds young citizens in the ecology of the campus and the planet as we open new spaces for outdoor exploration and observation.

small group of high school students walk in a forest in early spring
four students work to measure and prep a raised bed by a running track