I was born in Denver and grew up wearing bell bottoms, a Broncos jersey and a Dorothy Hamill haircut. I spent my summers on a swim team and my winters on a local ski mountain, but when I was home, I loved doing homework at my desk and playing “school” with my wall-mounted chalkboard. My little brothers were reluctant students, to say the least.

When my family moved to Philadelphia, I took up field hockey and lacrosse, and I was a three-sport athlete in middle and high school. I’m a proud graduate of Lower Merion High School (Go Bulldogs!) and the University of Wisconsin at Madison (Go Badgers!). After a year of teaching boarding school in rural Massachusetts, I came to Penn Charter as an English teacher, and I’ve been here ever since. 

In my family of origin, there were three rules of note: 1) Your handshake:  it should be strong, with eye contact. 2) Never quit. 3) Five nice things. If my siblings or I ever said anything critical about someone, we had to sit on a stool in the middle of the living room and could not get off until we said five truly nice things about that same person. I do believe that particular punishment helped foster my capacity for empathy and my reverence for the Quaker spark. 

I believe that no child’s spark is brighter or dimmer than another’s and no child is more or less deserving of a superior education than is another. Invested in equity, I treasure Penn Charter’s Philosophy to be “a place where diversity is understood, represented and valued.” Consequently, I aspire for every Penn Charter student to develop not only the content knowledge and skills to succeed in college academics but also the dexterity to communicate and work with different kinds of people and to develop meaningful relationships.