A  coed Friends school, pre-K to 12, on 47 acres in East Falls, Philadelphia


Throughout my life, the classics have shown me how to organize my thinking and given me archetypes to understand our rapidly-changing world.  I feel so fortunate to share my passion for history and languages with young adults, whose energy and humor fill my classroom with joy.  Teenagers learn best when they feel understood, safe, and in charge; I give them the space to grow and am there to provide support when they need it.

In Friends Schools, we let our lives speak.  Outside of the classroom I love to read, run, and play music, and you are likely to find me doing one of these things with a student most afternoons.  Travelling has helped me learn things about myself I never otherwise would have, and this makes me a huge believer in our Signature Trip for seventh graders.  Our partnership with Navajo people during this trip ties together many of my strongly-held beliefs about justice, timeless wisdom, and the transformative power of stepping outside of our normal circumstances.