It is fair to say I didn’t grow up thinking I’d be a college counselor; however, when I reflect on my experiences I can see it is the natural path I would take. While in high school I helped my friend Jay with his college essay. He was admitted EA to Boston College! When my friend Todd needed advice on a college interview outfit, I found him a spiffy set of new shoes and he impressed his Union College interviewer with his poise. When my friend Brad prepared for his Congressional interview for the Naval Academy, he sat at my kitchen table with my parents (a principal and a teacher) and me and discussed his approach. He received a promotion to admiral in 2020!

As a college student, I enjoyed the idea of lots of careers exploring physical therapy, communication, sports administration among other fields. Yet, I loved the admissions officers with whom I worked as a student ambassador and enjoyed hosting prospective recruits for my varsity crew coach.

I began my career as an admissions officer when I graduated college in 1994 and spent 12 years, at a few colleges, working in admissions. I even directed the Bryn Mawr College admissions office for five years during that time.

I slowly but surely began to realize the satisfaction of knowing students well over an extended period of time than one admissions cycle and found myself searching for college counseling positions so I could work more closely with students. I fortunately landed at William Penn Charter School. I have been a part of the team since 2010 and will move into the director role the summer of 2020. I’m looking forward to approaching the college process in new and innovative ways while also retaining the solid foundation on which we build our college counseling program and support our outstanding students.