One of my favorite memories growing up was when my mom would take me to the public library and let me loose in the stacks; although this might not really have happened, I recall signing out 30 books at one time! And though I vowed to not pursue a career in education, because that was what was expected of girls my age, my path ultimately led me to become a librarian. Although I've been a librarian for a long time, I've enjoyed being a law librarian, academic librarian, and now a school librarian!

My life outside of school involves reading for the four book clubs I am part of, and in keeping my family healthy and happy. My oldest daughter was born with multiple disabilities, and her care and well-being have been another job that I do with alternating joy and determination, challenging the world to become a better place for special needs individuals and families. I love walking my Labrador Retriever, seeing movies, and enjoying nature.