A  coed Friends school, pre-K to 12, on 47 acres in East Falls, Philadelphia


Growing up in a family of teachers, education and school was a constant theme of conversation at all family functions. When I began showing interest in teaching, my mom, a 5th grade teacher, began inviting me into her classroom to help and observe whenever possible. This experience cemented in me the desire to be a teacher pretty early on.

In addition, I grew up between two cultures with my father’s family in Mexico and my mother’s family in Pittsburgh. Throughout my life, I have traveled between Mexico and the US on a yearly basis and had to learn how to navigate different languages and cultures. This experience is what made me decide to become a Spanish teacher.

What I love most about teaching Spanish is seeing the enthusiasm in my students for learning about new cultures and the desire to be able to communicate with different communities locally and abroad.

Outside of school, I enjoy traveling and try to go somewhere every year. I also enjoy camping and hiking and being outside.