Collaborative Exhibition: Capturing History Through Maurice Sorrell's Lens

In February, as part of a multi-week interdisciplinary lesson plan, Upper School Photography and American Studies students had the opportunity to work alongside curator Stephanie Renée to create an exhibition of archival imagery by Maurice Sorrell (1914-1998). Sorrell was Renée’s uncle and the first Black member of the White House Photographers Association. 

student display art
photography class

Renée visited the classes, where students learned more about the legacy of her uncle’s photography and how he was able to document notable events as an eye-witness over three decades. The students then selected photos from Maurice’s exhibition entitled "Photographic Memory," wrote captions based on stories shared by Stephanie and their original research, and arranged the images in the Special Gifts Gallery. Student photographers could also contribute to the installation, which will be displayed through March. We invite you to take a moment to stop by to reflect and be inspired.