Friends Multicultural Day

A guided discussion of transitioning from girlhood to womanhood in a patriarchal society.

Upper School students – and a few teachers – led 32 workshops on identities and experiences for their peers on Friends Multicultural Day on March 5. The annual event enables students to showcase their passions and interests while celebrating inclusivity and stewardship.

Kimberly McGlonn, founder and CEO of the manufacturing start-up Grant Blvd and the thrift/vintage concept Blk Ivy, was the keynote speaker, and she also led her own workshop titled "Embracing Your Story, Owning Your Voice."

Several themes emerged from the workshops. Many focused on culture such as music and food: the history of Korean kimchi; Jewish foods and holidays; Irish dance; dumpling varieties from Polish pierogies to Syrian falafel; music from around the world; the impact of Black musicians; the Indian celebration of Holi.

Others focused on issues: incarceration in America; wealth inequality; forced cultural assimilation at Indian boarding schools.

Some workshops featured trailblazers and changemakers: women in medicine and environmental science; members of the LGBTQ community who challenged norms; queer artists; Philadelphia scientists of color.

Environmental issues explored included a sixth mass extinction that some scientists believe we are experiencing, and how to increase sustainability on PC's campus.

Hands-on workshops taught students hairbraiding and how to make pasta dough from scratch and turn it into spaghetti or farfalle. 

The day concluded with musical performances by students in the Graham.