The latest in environmental sustainability at Tom Rickards

We had an awesome Earth Week this year with powerful student programming and testimonials. Please add pictures and videos you might have in this folder. I just wanted to say thank you to all you good colleagues and friends that made that week possible! We are now entering the home stretch! Here are some items for the month of May.

Reusables for Small Events
I have recently purchased a set of 50 mugs, small plates and flatware that I can bring to you for small “end-of-the-year” gatherings and events if you would like to avoid single-use disposables. Just email me the details, and I will work on getting those items to you. Also let me know if you would like a set of travel-conscious cutlery and I will be happy to order more!

Outdoor Planning and Events
As we approach the freedom of summer, I wanted to remind folks of the PC Green Events calendar that I continually add events to as they come into my inbox. Secondly, if you were inspired by Earth Week and you want to do more outdoorsy things next year, please fill out this survey. Science continues to show the benefits of being outside, so let’s build up those skills and see what we can do together.

All Trails Challenge
The Friends of the Wissahickon is moving its challenge earlier for this coming year and it will run from May 27 to August 28. While not as ideal for us as a school team, I will still share the team page soon and I hope we can still partake. We have been the highest fundraising team for the last two years, so we got some rep to uphold, but stay tuned for more information.

Seasonal Initiatives

Click the thumbnails below to find out more about our program and upcoming events.

Highlighting Student Work

Learning Gardens
Environmental Work in Sixth Grade
Fourth Grade Stormwater Management Design Project
Student-led Action in Global Youth Climate Strike
Outdoor Education Elective
3rd Grade Plastics Pollution Unit