PC Professional Development Forms

Request for Professional Development Funds 

Summer Work Form- due April 10, 2023

Sabbatical Proposal Form- proposals are due April 10, 2023

Information re Sabbaticals, 20-Year Grants, and Summer Work

Faculty members who have been at Penn Charter for at least 10 years may apply for a sabbatical to explore an area in the faculty member's field of interest. The Personnel Committee of the Overseers reviews the applications and makes the final decisions. A three-month sabbatical comes with full pay, a yearlong sabbatical half pay. Use the proposal above to apply. The due date is April 10, 2023.

20-Year Grants
Two $2,000 grants annually are available for faculty members who have worked at Penn Charter for 20 or more years. Traditionally, faculty members have used these funds for travel and/or other professional development activities related to their discipline. If you are interested in applying for a 20-year grant for next year, submit a letter with a description of how you plan to spend your time and a timeline for your work. Copies of your letter should be sent to Karen Warren Coleman and David Brightbill. The Personnel Committee of the Overseers will make the final decision. The due date for 20-year grant proposals is April 10, 2023.

Summer Work
It is customary for faculty to do some curriculum maintenance during the summer months. Summer work proposals are for work that is directly related to enhancing existing curriculum, usually on a broader scale. Normally, projects last one or two days. The per diem rate is $150. Use the proposal above to apply. The due date for summer work proposals is April 10, 2023.