A coed Friends school, pre-K to 12, on 47 acres in East Falls, Philadelphia


Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center is a space where students have the opportunity to share things they are truly passionate about in a stress-free environment, with no grades, no judgments, and just learning because they WANT to.

SLC workshop days take place once a quarter. We hope to see you with an open mind and a big heart!

Past Student Learning Center Sessions

  • How Disability Friendly Are You?

  • A Positive Body Outlook

  • Warriors over Worriers: A Yoga and Meditation Class

  • The Ultimate Skills to Master Frisbee

  • Smart Sustainability

  • The Food Lab: A Cooking Class

  • Organizing 101

  • Feeding Philly and Beyond: Food Insecurity

  • Mindfulness Matters

  • Service Meets Athletes

  • The Pawn Stars: Learn to Play Chess with the Chess Club Captains

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