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In honor of Deborah White, the late Cheryl Irving, Elizabeth Glascott and Elizabeth Flemming, pictured left to right, the Women’s Legacy Scholarship Fund has been established by OPC female student athletes in celebration of the first 20 years of girls athletics at Penn Charter. Together, these four women dedicated more than 100 years of their lives to educating girls at Penn Charter, both in and out of the classroom.

The Women's Legacy Fund, providing financial aid to female student athletes who demonstrate the qualities of leadership, persistence and dedication, supported its first three female student athletes in 2013-14! 

Celebrating Girls, Athletics and Four Teacher Coaches

In June 2014, nearly 150 PC community members gathered at Germantown Cricket Club to celerate the Women's Legacy Fund and girls athletics at PC. Cheryl Irving Hon. 1689 and Blaine A. Steinberg OPC '11, whom we lost earlier that year, were remembered. The Women's Legacy Fund also celebrated its first three Legacy Fund Scholars. 

Reflections on pivotal points in PC girls athletics

Interviews with first Legacy Scholars

Created by Blaine A. Steinberg OPC '11 for the 2011 Women's
Legacy Fund Celebration, at which Blaine was a keynote speaker


Girls participating in Penn Charter athletics experience an excellent athletic program, with opportunities to succeed at all levels and develop as young women who collaborate, persevere and lead.


The Women's Legacy Fund supports and advances girls' athletics at Penn Charter through scholarship, metoring and celebration.

Executive Committee

Stephanie Teaford Walters OPC '95
Lauren Sykes OPC '95
Jessica Bender OPC '92
Rachel Dyer OPC '92
Chelsea Erdmanis OPC '02
Alyson Goodner OPC '96
Beth Glascott Hon. 1689

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