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Strategic Vision

Educating Students to Live Lives that Make a Difference

We can do even more than prepare our students to thrive in the 21st century. We can prepare our graduates to make a difference.

Head of School Darryl J. Ford unveiled the new Strategic Vision in March 2013 and, in May 2016, presented a three-year progress report on work administrators and teachers have done to implement that vision.

Called Vision Forward NOW, the 90-minute presentation in the Kurtz Center was designed to demonstrate how Penn Charter students are learning now and what it means for the adults they will become – and the ways in which they will make a difference for Philadelphia and the world. 

Vision Forward NOW featured five live presentations and six videos that showcased specific initiatives related to the six goals of the vision: Quakerism, Program, Teaching, Time, Space and Financial Sustainability. The six short videos, plus edited videos of the live presentations appear below.

It was not possible to capture all of the work that has been accomplished. In the Goals and Strategies links below, click to read about more initiatives related to each goal.

“This work is still unfolding as we continue to reinvent classic,” Ford said. A school with a 326-year history of excellence is, by definition, Ford said, forward-thinking. “We are looking into the future and recognizing that we can’t know what our students will encounter … we want them to be prepared, agile and ready to make a difference.”

Vision Forward NOW Videos

Friends Lobbying in DC

A cross-divisional group of students took their learning beyond the walls of the classroom and Capitol Hill to lobby Congress about mass incarceration.


Passionate first graders are actively involved with an interdisciplinary project that teaches environmental sustainability, math, science, stewardship, civics and more. 


Concussion Management
PC applies a holistic approach to keep the student at the center during the concussion recovery process, from diagnosis to the return to full school and then full participation in their sport. 


Even the youngest students engage in mindfulness practice at PC.


The shift from a trimester to a semester format is designed to facilitate longer chunks of time for experiential, deep learning and create a healthier pace and balance.

The Center for Public Purpose takes PC students to neighborhood schools to teach STEAM, reinforcing their learning outside the classroom and deepening what it means to live lives that make a difference.

Video Segments for the Live Presentations

Third Grade Wax MuseumThird grade teachers and students demonstrate how a wax museum project focused on Pennsylvania history has evolved in terms of focus, research techniques and performance.

Advanced Physics BridgeScience teacher Tim Clarke and juniors Zoe Topaz and Josh Patton demonstrate how technology has changed a classic physics project.

Middle School AdvisoryStudents and Director of Middle School Wilson Felter explain the goals and impact of a new Middle School Advisory curriculum focused on promoting character, ethics, healthy decisions.

Teaching & Learning CenterThe TLC promotes excellence in teaching by providing faculty with accessible and meaningful professional development on our own campus.

Darryl Ford with J.D. Dillard OPC '06Head of School Darryl J. Ford interviews his former student, filmmaker J.D. Dillard, who showed his film "Sleight" at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.


Goals and Strategies

Our plan for Penn Charter's future is organized around six goals, each with a set of strategies.

Goal 1: Quakerism

Goal 2: Program

Goal 3: Teaching

Goal 4: Time

Goal 5: Space

Goal 6: Financial Sustainability

Strategic Vision for
Penn Charter's Future 

This 24-page publication explains the six goals of the Strategic Vision, the strategies to support those goals, and the themes and issues that inspired the Strategic Vision.


This 8-minute movie outlines the broad themes of the the Strategic Vision. 


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