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Upper School

What would it mean to work at the edge of what you already know? To step out beyond the safe answers and the talents that have always come naturally? To pursue ideas with real depth?

At Penn Charter it might mean collaborating with wheelchair-bound students to design, develop and patent a beach wheelchair. You could find yourself applying music theory to arrange your own trio of a cappella pieces, or you might suddenly see the logic of quantum mechanics, when, at first, every concept had eluded you.

Penn Charter's Upper School curriculum is a vigorous college preparatory program rooted in the breadth of the arts and sciences as well as new fields of inquiry and skills such as environmental issues, global awareness, commitment to community and technology.

The Penn Charter Learning Support team is available to ensure students receive personalized support throughout their educational journey.

In Upper School, students continue to see how ideas overlap across disciplines and how one area of study can inform another: Greek literature becomes more meaningful when seen through an archaeological lens. Pythagorean theory explains the emotional effects of music. The personal narrative can be told in the language of trigonometry. A multitude of leadership opportunities, sports, arts and other academic enrichment activities also allows students to stretch beyond their natural talents and inclinations.

It is a curriculum designed to be as effective as it is engaging.

Upper School eNews

US Life, the division director's blog, is a valuable insight into the Upper School experience inside and outside the classroom.

Upper School Library

The Gummere Library serves the Upper School community.

Penn Charter

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