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9th Grade Foundation Arts


Click on the image to view the slideshow of works for the eField Guide to Penn Charter Trees, created by the class of 2017

Foundation Arts is an interdisciplinary arts course team taught by visual arts, theater, and music teachers. The course introduces students to an integrated model of learning in which art will provide a vehicle for connecting creative, academic and life experiences. We engage music, visual arts, movement, theater and digital animation in our creative explorations and productions. Students develop foundational understanding in each of the arts disciplines, as well as skills in creative problem solving, collaborative decision-making, thinking across disciplines and critical reflection.  We encourage the cultivatation of the imagination through a variety of individual and group activities and assignments.

The course is designed to help deepen students' engagement, understanding and enjoyment of the arts, as well as cultivate their emotional, intellectual and technical skills for creating meaningful works of art.  We begin the trimester with exercises designed to introduce students to genres, concepts and vocabularies in each of the arts disciplines; we devote the balance of the trimester creating thematically integrated works of theater, film, animation, and 2-d visual art. Each year we work with a new theme, often collaborating with the Science Department. In 2013-14, we are working on an eField Guide to the trees on the Penn Charter Campus. The Guide will include drawings, photographs, graphics, radio plays and soundscapes, and animation.

In 2012-13, students created an eBestiary, "The Philadelphia Bestiary", available for free on iTunes.


Click on the cover to view the 2D works from the book

This project explores the animal kingdom across artistic media.

2011-12, we  explored geometry and transformation. While in 2010-11, students worked with the periodic table of elements. Each 9th grade student was responsible for researching, and illustrating one element across artistic media. Collectively, the class of 2014 created an interactive periodic table of elements, including video, animation, and graphic design. The print table is on view in the Science hallway.





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