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LS science

In Lower School science, students construct their knowledge by “doing” science. As student skills progress, their knowledge of science is refined and supported by their lab experiments. The Lower School science program uses a “spiral” approach in which concepts and skills taught in pre-kindergarten circle upward as they are refined, strengthened, and expanded upon in successive grades. Measurement is just one example of this. In the earthworm ecology project, kindergartners use string to measure the length of worms and produce a graph. The measurement skill develops and progresses through the years until fifth graders must employ highly precise measurement in millimeters to successfully complete a pendulum in the engineering and design unit.

Spiritual and Social-Emotional Growth

In our Lower School, we create (intentionally) a vibrant, caring school community where children are nurtured and encouraged to grow in all respects – spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. When challenges arise, children are encouraged to respond in a conscientious and compassionate manner, and to learn from the variety of community voices. Drawing upon our Quaker philosophy, children learn to resolve conflicts by using “I” messages to describe their feelings, as well as becoming acquainted with peace-building practices, such as mindful reflection, active listening and community dialogue. Each classroom meets weekly for community-building classes led by the Lower School counselor. Our "friendship groups" are an engaging way for students to become better friends, better problem-solvers and more effective community members. 

We also draw upon materials and techniques from the Responsive Classroom, a social curriculum established by the Northeast Foundation for Children and designed to teach children to care about themselves and each other. Students share in developing classroom rules and the logical consequences for breaking those rules. The Responsive Classroom seeks to teach cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self-control.

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