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Health and Physical Education

Color Day

Middle School physical education and health courses help students learn health-promoting behaviors and attitudes so they can make responsible decisions. Ultimately, we intend for our students to realize that physical and emotional health are cornerstones of a productive, balanced life. Physical education courses are part of the regular academic day and are taught by members of the physical education department. In a comfortable and supportive learning environment, the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade programs combine varied physical activity — sports, aerobics, aquatics, cooperative games, and fitness skills necessary for the National Physical Education Test — with health education that includes discussions and activities related to adolescent self-esteem, friendships, drug and alcohol education, healthful eating, puberty, and sexual education.

Color Day, a tradition since 1892, is part of the physical education curriculum. Read more.

Interdisciplinary Experiences

Tilapia Farm

Seventh grade students learn biology, ecology, environmental science and mathematics in a hands-on fish farming project in their classroom. Students use an aquaponics system, which includes hydroponic garden beds, to grow tilapia as well as lettuces and herbs. The young scientists quickly discover the keys to plant and fish life cycles, respiration, photosynthesis and how each tie together. They calculate necessary daily food volumes, test the tank’s water quality and work in groups to design their own farm. What students learn takes them far beyond any science textbook — their small farm system reflects global efforts to improve nutrition in poor communities and establish more sustainable fish farming. Read more.

Sports Physics

Eighth grade science students research the physics of a favorite sport, then create a video demonstrating how gravity, friction, momentum and Newton’s three laws work in their chosen activity. Equipped with a video camera, each team finds a campus location (such as a gym, a field or even the pool) to film their scenes, then uses digital video software to edit, narrate and add a soundtrack. To date, swimming, football, wrestling, soccer, tchoukball, lacrosse, field hockey, basketball, dodge ball, skateboarding, skiing and softball have made it to the “big screen.”

Capstone Night

An evening event for sixth grade families where students enact a scene from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and tour their families through classrooms, exhibiting what they have learned through the school year in all subjects. See more from the night in the Flickr Album.

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