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Medication in School

In accordance with the school's drug policy, students are not permitted to carry or self-administer any prescription or non-prescription medications without prior authorization. Families must submit written documentation to the health office for notification and approval of any self-administered medications while on campus.  Currently, the only approved self-administered medications are asthmatic meter dose inhalers, insulin for diabetic students and emergency anaphylactic medications (Epi-pens).  All other medications must be administered in the health office and follow the medication policy protocol.

The school nurse may administer acetaminophen, ibuprofen, antacids (Tums) or sore throat/cough lozenges to your child during school hours with consent from the parent/guardian. An electronic signature authorizing this medication is requested annually.

Medication Policy Protocol

Please contact the health office at ext. 142 to discuss the policy for administering prescription medications during the school day. Medication to be given on a regular or "as needed " basis requires a written prescription/authorization from your child's health care provider each academic year.  This includes Epi-pens and inhalers, as well as oral medications. Please ask your child's health care provider to complete the Permission to Administer Medication in School Form.

Medication that needs to be given for treatment of an acute nature, such as oral or topical antibiotics, requires a note from your health care provider stating the time of day as well as the length of treatment. All medications must be delivered to school in the original prescription labeled container. Medications can be returned home on a daily basis if needed. Medications should also be picked up by the parent at the end of the school year.

Nursing Staff

Debra A. Foley, RN, MSN, CRNP
Coordinator of Health Services/Health Faculty
215-844-3460, ext. 142 or 487

Nancy Hirschfeld, RN, MSN, CRNP
Associate Nurse
215-844-3460, ext. 142

Counseling Staff

Middle & Upper School Counselor
Elizabeth Coombs, BA, MEd
215-844-3460, ext. 205

Lower School Counselor
Lisa Reedich, BA, MSS
215-844-3460, ext. 171

Penn Charter

A Friends School for Girls and Boys, Pre-K to 12

3000 West School House Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144 215.844.3460
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