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Community Meeting for Worship on Sunday
Posted 03/01/2017 11:33AM

Community Meeting for Worship 

Parents, alumni, teachers and families are invited to share in Community Meeting for Worship and its theme of peace on Sunday, March 5, 11 a.m. Penn Charter's students share in this each week – this is the chance to experience it as a family.

Enjoy coffee and refreshments at 11:45. And if you need child care, we have that covered, although children are welcome to attend Meeting. Sign up if you'd like to provide refreshments or be a greeter.

The Parent Quakerism Committee has prepared some questions and answers about Meeting for Worship.

What should I expect at Meeting for Worship?

While many people are aware of Quaker philosophy and how those values shape the academic program at Penn Charter, Meeting for Worship can seem odd to those not familiar with unprogrammed religious services. If you haven’t attended a Parent Meeting for Worship or a Sunday Meeting because you’re not sure what to expect, first ask your child. They experience Meeting for Worship each week and can explain it to you (They may say it’s boring. It’s okay, they’re young!). Here are some common questions about Meeting. 

I already attend church and am a member of a faith community. Is it okay to attend Meeting for Worship? 
Quakers welcome visitors from all faith backgrounds. Since the format is “unprogrammed” (there is no leader or set program to follow) each person contemplates his or her conversation with the Spirit. Some people think of it as a time to meditate, to relax and open your mind.

Will I have to speak? Who speaks? 
Since Quaker worship is based on the individual having a direct connection with God, you will come into a room and no one is speaking! You will wonder, what is going to happen? Everyone is! This is because Quakers are waiting to be moved by the Spirit. During the silent worship, if anyone in Meeting feels inspired, he or she is welcome to stand and share what he or she is thinking. When the speaker sits down, there is silence afterward to think about what was shared. Anyone can speak, adults or children. Sometimes people share a poem or song lyric that has come to mind. Sometimes people sing. It’s different each time.

Is there a dress code?
There is no need to dress up for Meeting.

Is it acceptable to arrive after it starts? 
Yes, please come into the Meeting Room and find a bench and join the silence. It is also okay to bring children and if the children start to fidget, to leave with the child to go to childcare and then for the adults to return to Meeting.

Do I have to bring anything? 
Is there a bulletin or program? You do not need to bring anything and there is no program. Sometimes there are announcements made at the end of Meeting by the closer (what’s a closer, you ask? Read below).

How do I know when it’s over?
The “closer” is a Friend who has volunteered to shake hands with a person sitting nearby to indicate Meeting has finished. That is the sign Meeting has “closed” and people shake hands with others around them as well. This is also called “the rise of Meeting.” At our Meeting, the rise of Meeting will be at 11:45.

What Happens After?  
Refreshments and fellowship with everyone. Children return from childcare. We go out to enjoy the day.   

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