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progress Reports and Conferences

Student Progress Reporting and Conferences

In the Lower School, which is a non-graded program, student assessment is an ongoing process that is meant to give a complete, fair and accurate view of the student’s learning progress and needs. This process includes regular classroom observations and feedback, classroom assessments including the benchmarking of reading progress and end-of-chapter math assessments, and standardized assessments coordinated by the Lower School learning specialist.  

We value a developmental approach toward learning; thus, we strive to assess each student in relation to the individual progress each student is making. In keeping with the school-wide change to a semester schedule, progress reports are written four times per year: November, January, March and June. The November and March reports are written in a narrative form. The January and June reports are skills checklists that measure specific skills in each subject area. The reports are intended to inform parents and students about how the child is progressing in each curriculum area, with study skills, and as a member of the classroom community. It is helpful to keep your child's reports and review them over a year's time to discern where growth and challenges have taken place or remain.

In addition to the report cards, there are parent-teacher conferences held in November and March. Parent-teacher conferences are an important time to obtain a clear picture of your child’s progress and establish concise plans for future success. 

Report card comments are meant to give students, families and teachers a clear reflection of a student’s progress to date. The comments are written to encourage a student’s self-reflection, particularly in the older Lower School grades, and to allow for the appropriate setting of goals to guide a student’s future growth and development. Comments should also assist parents in better understanding their child’s learning needs and performance, and should never come as a surprise to parents. We strive to partner with parents and caretakers in the education of our students. Therefore, continuous communication is expected with all parents but is especially necessary before any strong or concerning comments are written in a report.

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