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Challenge Success in the Upper School

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These statistics represent only a small sampling of the data we received from the Challenge Success survey, and one can quickly see that there is so much to discuss among and between students, faculty, parents and administrators. An expectation of excellence in academics, arts and athletics is not and should not be mutually exclusive to a healthy and balanced lifestyle that requires time for human connection, reflection and spiritual growth. For the most part, I think Penn Charter does a very good job of achieving this balance. There are, however, places where we can do better.

Again, this data was gathered directly from students during one day in the spring of last school year. A snapshot can reveal quite a bit, but we must also balance this window into our students’ lives with our own observations, expectations and recommendations. We have already begun discussing this data with the Upper School faculty and we will look for avenues through which we can broaden the conversation to students and parents. We must not fall into the trap of stating that one group needs to change or make adjustments; it is only through discussion with all three of these constituencies that we can make sure we are meeting our mission of preparing students for the world beyond Penn Charter.

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