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PC/GA Day - 124th Year

The 124th PC/GA Day was held this past Saturday at Penn Charter.  The weather was beautiful, the crowd was huge and the competitions were of a high caliber.  Girls tennis began the day at 10:00am and endured lengthy matches, as the entire match did not finish until well after 1:00pm.  Each match was closely contested and hard fought.  The PC girls defeated GA several weeks ago in their first encounter, but on Saturday GA got their revenge, defeating the PC squad 4-3.  The boys cross country meet was also a win for GA with the final score being GA 16 - PC 47.  While our young team was defeated, 7 of the boys posted their personal best times.   Senior, Jorin Schug, beat his best time by 51 seconds. This is especially incredible because he lost one of his shoes at the first mile, and completed the remainder of the race with one shoe on and one shoe off!  Girls cross country raced after the boys and also came up short, losing by the score of 23-34.  Unfortunately, PC tenth grade harrier, Catie Skinner, this year's League and State Champion, was scratched from the race because of an injury.  However, senior and captain, Elyse Wilkinson picked up the slack and finished in first place, winning the trophy as the outstanding performer.  Over at the pool, boys and girls water polo had close matches with GA.  Our young boys team played well, but in the end lost to GA 13-7.  After the boys game, our girls took to the pool and defeated GA by the same score as the boys, 13-7.  The trophy for the outstanding performer in this game went to 12th grader, Kyle Bonus.  Field hockey saved their best performance of the year for this day.  This team, led by 8 seniors, was not going to allow GA to push them around on their own turf, especially not on our own new turf field.  The team played hard, scored early and hung on for a 1-0 victory.  Senior, Liz Wills, was named the outstanding performer in the game.  This was the first PC field hockey win on PC/GA Day since 2001, which was the year that current assistant coach, Chelsea Erdmanis, was a senior.  While field hockey was playing on the main campus, girls soccer was playing on the Strawbridge property.  This young but improved team played one of their best games of the season.  Led by 12th grader and team captain, Kate Higgins, and a season best performance by 11th grade goalie, Sarah Butler, the team played to a 1-1 tie.  Of special note is the fact that this tie gave the PC teams a half point towards the Competition Cup which is the first time since the Cup was instituted that our girls soccer team provided any points for our school.   Co-captain and 12th grader, Kate Higgins, shared the outstanding performer trophy with GA's 12th grader and team captain, Cailyn Alfieri.  After the girls' game, the field was re-set for the boys' soccer game.  A raucous crowd, which many think was the most ever at a PC/GA Day soccer game, was treated to an outstanding game.  Both teams played hard and had their eyes on victory.  However, the PC boys had something bigger at stake, a victory would give them the InterAc title.  And with that incentive in mind, the PC players would not be denied, and the game ended with much on-field celebration as the score was PC 3 - GA 2.  The title was theirs for the first time since 1998.  Mike Goldman was named our MVP for this game and was awarded the Rump Trophy.  As 1:30 approached, the football players from both teams were preparing to do battle.  Before the game, as was true at all other games on this day, the seniors and parents from both teams were introduced and recognized. The theme at Friday's pep rally was "Protect Our House", and that is what football had to do.  After jumping to a 16-0 lead, the boys had to protect their house with solid defense.  In the end, the game became very close and GA had opportunities.  However, they could not beat down our boys.  Football ended the day with a 16-14 victory.  Senior running back, Kolonji Smith, was awarded the Geis Trophy as the games outstanding performer.  The Competition Cup ended in a tie with both PC and GA earning a total of 4 and a half points.  Congratulations to all of the fall teams and their coaches.  They worked hard and played well throughout the season and especially on PC/GA Day.    
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