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Building Resilience in Children and Teens offers strategies to build the seven critical Cs— competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control — so that parents can raise authentically successful children. This guide also offers coping strategies for facing life’s inevitable stresses. Kids who have healthy strategies in place may be less likely to turn to dangerous fixes to relieve stress. This book is about building strong, enduring relationships, preventing worrisome behaviors, and raising children who are poised to thrive and lead us into the future.

This book is useful to all youth-serving professionals, community members, and parents alike. It has won multiple awards.

Also included are 15 cloud-based parent videos with the option to purchase over 100 more. This leading-edge multimedia format will allow you to better share resilience-building strategies with your spouse, teens, or community/school organizations.

Published in Fall 2014

Please note, 8% sales tax applies and will be automatically added to your order.​​

Two fundamental principles are at the root of resilience. First, a parent’s unconditional love is the most important force in a child’s life. Unconditional love, however, has to be coupled with high expectations for effort, character and morality. Second, a child will never learn life’s lessons if he is protected from experiencing them. But children need protection from challenges that can bring irreparable harm.

These fundamental principles are anything but simple. The challenge of parenting is how to apply these core principles in a complicated world. It doesn’t matter what we know to be right, what we wrestle with is how to do it. There are two questions with which we struggle as we consider how to build resilience in our children:

  1. How do I give my child the unconditional love needed to thrive while also holding him to the high expectations needed for success?
  2. How do I protect my child while letting her learn life’s lessons?

This book helps resolve the tension these two principles of resilience pose by offering the latest in research, a wide breadth of expert opinion, AND INPUT FROM OVER 500 TEENS! You will learn to balance these complex issues and offer your child the security she can only gain from you and the confidence she can only develop from experience. She will be more than resilient – she will be poised to THRIVE.

It introduces Lighthouse Parenting, rooted in the well established and evidence based principles of authoritative parenting.

Published in February 2015

Please note, 8% sales tax applies and will be automatically added to your order.​

Many of the behaviors we worry about in teens are rooted in their attempts to address stress in their lives. We may do our greatest good when we guide youth to adopt healthy coping strategies.

This Book/Video project includes 15 chapters and over 100 films. This work published by The American Academy of Pediatrics prepares professionals TO APPLY the principles of positive youth development and resilience to guide youth towards healthy means to address stress.

This Book/Film Project is a subset of Reaching Teens: Strength Based Communication Strategies to Build Resilience and Support Healthy Adolescent Development. People purchasing Reaching Teens should not also purchase this work. This product is less expensive than Reaching Teens and could be useful to either professionals or parents who wish to focus on stress reduction.

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