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Educational Philosophy

My philosophy is grounded in the belief that the ultimate purpose of education is to help our children grow academically, socially, physically and emotionally into self-sufficient, global citizens. The students are the central focus of any school community and should be given every opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, caring and challenging environment. All planning and actions should be based on what is best for children, keeping in mind the needs of faculty and staff, parents and families, and other community stakeholders.

In order to fully address the needs of our students, as an educational leader I work carefully with my colleagues to create and foster a nurturing environment for students, faculty and staff, and family members as well. This is started by collectively identifying the values and ideals of the school community, and working with all stakeholders to create a shared vision for students and the future of the school. I also believe in distributed leadership and working to dismantle the traditional hierarchy that often defines the line between teachers and administrators.

With this in mind, I hope to be able to identify and utilize the strengths of each of my staff members while simultaneously helping them to identify and build upon areas of need. My ideal educational environment is one where teachers can express their individual talents and continuously grow as educators and peer leaders by learning from their own practices and those of their colleagues. For this reason, I involve faculty and staff in their own self-assessment of needs in order to plan for ongoing professional development and evolving depth of practice.

The curriculum in any successful school must be relevant, rigorous and sensitive to the funds of knowledge found within the school and its surrounding community. In order to ensure this, I work carefully with teachers to establish the curriculum via a continuous cycle of inquiry that includes gathering and reviewing both qualitative and quantitative data, revisions based on findings, implementation of the new curriculum, and assessment of the resulting success. I believe that curriculum should be constantly evolving to meet the needs of students with a focus on real-world problem solving, and should foster both traditional academic skills and evolving 21st century practices. Additionally, I work to ensure that both the curriculum and school environment incorporate and celebrate the diversity and inherent value of each member of the school community.

In communicating and collaborating with family and community members I believe in transparency and collaboration in working to create the strongest educational program for each individual student. I have found that the old adage "it takes a village" is especially true in education, and keep this as a central theme in working with parents to build the curriculum and school community for their children. I recognize that each child is the most precious person in a parent or guardian's life and hold this as a tenet towards making sure that each child is nurtured and supported.

Finally, I believe that you need to be a highly organized and meticulous planner who is able to work with staff to maintain a healthy and safe environment for students, and who is also able to utilize emotional intelligence in building trusting relationships. In addition to my interpersonal skills, I use my technical and organizational skills to create ongoing plans for developing my division, organizing and utilizing data, and working to ensure that our particular school is an active contributor to the surrounding community.

I am excited to continue as an educational leader who supports her school in fostering the growth of happy, confident and successful students, faculty and families, as well as the school community as a whole.

Penn Charter

A Friends School for Girls and Boys, Pre-K to 12

3000 West School House Lane Philadelphia, PA 19144 215.844.3460
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