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2016-2017 Years of Service & Retirees

Continued from P.C.P.D.

Christine Christoph (34 Years)
Nora Comiskey (12 Years)
Valdis Erdmanis (40 Years)
Bruce MacCullough (34 Years)
Richard Mellor (41 Years)

40 Years
Valdis Erdmanis 

35 Years
Elizabeth Glascott 
Carol Steinbrook 

30 Years
Charles Brown
Brian McCloskey
Rebecca Miller 

25 Years
Terry Plummer
William Quinn
Karen Riedlmeier

20 Years
Ruth Aichenbaum
Christopher Burnett
Sandra Carpino
Darryl Ford
Vera Wilson

15 Years
Elizabeth Coombs
Anthony Farrell
Debra Foley 
Malcolm Ford
Rebecca Luzi
Charles McCloskey
Ann McCollins  
Sharon Sexton
Virginia Stewart 

10 Years
Stephanie Ball
Jennifer Chernak
Kathleen Fiedler
Susan Goodman
Arnicia Jamison
Travis Larrabee
Amanda Lelii
Robert Napp
Lisa Reedich
Renee Skelly
Marceline Sosa
Eva Tierno

5 Years
Sarah Aguilar-Francis
Fred Cotton
Beth Johnson
Tatiana Koltsova
Jennifer Longstreth
Christine Pearsall
Jessica Stusnick
John Thiel
Allen Vandegrift 

CulinArt Employees
Monica Adams (10 Years)
Geraldine Dubose (5 Years)

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What I try to tell young people is that if you come together with a mission, and it's grounded with love and a sense of community, you can make the impossible possible.

—John Lewis









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