Health Services

William Penn Charter School is dedicated to meeting the health and safety needs of our students, faculty and staff during the school day.We are committed to the ideals of health promotion and prevention in our administration of care in order to meet our school's overall educational goals.

We invite you to read the following information on specific health-related topics.

Nursing Staff

Debra A. Foley, RN, MSN, CRNP
Coordinator of Health Services/Health Faculty
215-844-3460, ext. 142 or 487

Nancy Hirschfeld, RN, MSN, CRNP
Associate Nurse, Middle & Upper Schools
215-844-3460, ext. 142

Katie Mulrain, RN
Associate Nurse, Lower School
215-844-3460, ext. 371

Counseling Staff

Upper School Counselor
Elizabeth Hitschler, BA, MEd
215-844-3460, ext. 205

Middle School Counselor
Katie Kelly, BS, MEd
215-844-3460, ext. 352

Lower School Counselor
Lisa Reedich, BA, MSS, LCSW
215-844-3460, ext. 171